How do I set up my website vanity url?

Set up a sub-domain to customise the URL of your landing pages to display as part of your website rather than appearing to be from the platform.

  • Simply navigate to Demand > Set up and click on ‘Add’ on the Vanity URL widget.


  • First you need to decide on your sub domain (for example and add your sub-domain to your website domain, giving approval to use this URL.

  •  Your web developer just needs to add a simple DNS record, to do this they create a new CNAME record and fill in these 4 elements:
    •  Type: CNAME
    • Name: campaigns (change as required depending on the sub-domain you chose)
    • Value:
    • TTL: 1800 (30mins)
  • Once actioned you need to go in and submit your subdomain to test that it working and to activate it.



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