LinkedIn/Dux-Soup setup Walk-through

This short guide will show you how to connect your Dux-Soup account to the platform, so that you can start bringing in leads directly from LinkedIn and/or Sales Navigator. Once these leads are in the platform you’ll be able to reveal further contact information, such as email address, phone number and location.

To get started, navigate to our Connect hub and select Integrations.

Now it’s time to connect and set up your Dux-soup account, you’ll need a Dux-Soup Turbo account to use this integration ($41.25 p/m as of 16/10/19). First thing is to decide whether you want to reveal the contact information manually or automatically. Each successful reveal will cost you 1 data credit, so you’re fully in control of your budget! If you want to have contacts automatically revealed simple click the toggle under LinkedIn Reveal Settings.



Now let’s get connected! If you already have a Dux-Soup account then click connect to reveal the webhook URL you’ll need to connect the two platforms – don’t worry if you’re not super technical, it’s really easy to do! We’ll walk you through it. Simply click on the Webhook URL to copy it.



Now you’ve got the webhook it’s time to head over to your Dux-Soup options, which you can access by clicking on options on the top right of your Dux-Soup extension.




Once you’ve done this, click on the connect tab



You’ll see Webhook is the first option. Now paste the URL into box marked – send event details here and press the plus icon to save it. You can also remove scan at this point because the connection requires visits to take place in order to get the LinkedIn URL’s. Now hit the toggle to turn it on and that’s it – your Dux-Soup visits will send data straight to the platform!


Using LinkedIn

While we recommend using Sales Navigator, simply because it’s so targeted, you can use the search within LinkedIn or even just visit people manually – but who has time for that!?

The below example shows a Sales Navigator search for digital marketing agencies in Chicago with a company size between 11-50, once you’re happy with your search parameters you’ll notice Dux-Soup pop-up telling you it’s ready to get to work!



Now click on the Dux-Soup extension on your browser and select visit profiles. You’ll need to get the browser tab open while it visits profiles and you’ll even see it doing so in the bottom corner of the screen. Now it’s time to head back to the platform and check out those leads!







The Platform

Once you’re back in the platform simply navigate to the LinkedIn area in our data hub and click on results.



The first screen you’ll see if the overview, which shows how many contacts have been received from Dux-Soup – this is not how many have been revealed by our tool.



Next click on the contacts tab to see the list of those contacts received from Dux-Soup. You’ll notice in the example below that some have been revealed and some have the option to reveal now – this will depend on whether you have chosen to automatically reveal contacts through this integration. Reveal now allows you to control your budget by turning off the automatic reveal option, so you can pick and choose which contacts you want more data on.




The final tab revealed, will show you a list of all the contacts we have been able to enhance.



Next Steps

If you navigate to the lists view in the contacts hub you’ll see that we’ve created an intent folder and a LinkedIn Reveal list that we’ll automatically fill with revealed contacts.




From the list view in the contacts hub you’ll be able to:

  • Add those contacts straight to the sales pipeline
  • Send to Facebook Audience for remarketing
  • Download list for Google Adwords
  • Download list for LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Download the full contact list

You can also use a List trigger within journeys to kick off an automated campaign so that all revealed contacts can be automatically sent communications as soon as they’ve been revealed!



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