Where do I find Remarketing Pixels within my Ads Platforms?

First, you need an Ads account in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter etc.  These are free to set up (although, obviously running any ads is not). 

Each platform will have a remarketing pixel that you can add to your website and landing pages so that when people visit your site they’ll be added to a remarketing list.  It’s these lists that you use to serve remarketing ads to.

If you have Ads accounts set up, here are guides on where to find your remarketing pixel codes add how to add them behind your website:

Within the Zymplify platform, you can add these codes once in the Marketing Hub > Connect > Ads area.


You then just turn it them on for any landing pages you want to track the visitors to within the Campaign Add Features area.  More Info Here.

Remember to place these tracking pixels on your website if you haven't already done so too. 


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