Whitelabeled Email DNS Records Explained

It’s vital to whitelabel your email sends from the Zymplify platform, but what is it actually doing and why do you need to?


It’s all about authentication. We use an email provider (Sendgrid) to deliver all emails from the platform and to give your emails the best chance of hitting an inbox and to remove all trace of Zymplify and Sendgrid from them you need to set up a whitelabel.


What is a Whitelabel?

Basically it’s a way of showing email providers that Sendgrid has permission to send emails on your behalf. To achieve this you’ll need to add some DNS records where your domain is hosted (like GoDaddy, 123reg, Cloudflare, etc). These records can be found in the connect area of the platform. Check out this guide to help see if they have been added correctly.


Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of a DNS record before your IT team should be able to add them in minutes or we can assist you in them - just contact support@zymplify.com.


Why do I need it?

Email providers, like Gmail and Outlook, do not trust messages without this authentication because they can not be sure the message is actually coming from you. Adding these records will explicitly show them that the message is from and will increase your reputation with those providers, which results in hitting more inboxes!


It’s not all about the providers though, the end users need to trust who is sending them emails or they won’t open them or worse mark it as spam. Sending from the platform without this authentication will result in the email looking like it’s not exactly coming from you.




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